COOLEO are custom designed, high quality double layer bottles, skilfully handcrafted from strong, ultra-light, temperature resistance and easy to clean, borosilicate glass. 
Our exquisite COOLEO bottle is as elegant as it is practical. Crystal clear borosilicate glass emphasises the beauty and distinctive colour of Rosé Wine and White Wine. It’s unique and highly effective layer of insulation keeps cold drinks cool for a much longer period than normal glass bottles and will not create condensation.
The bottles are custom designed according to each winery’s brand and specification and can be created from clear or coloured glass. Express your brand with the unique and bespoke COOLEO design.

  • Cooleo No.7

    Cooleo No.7

  • Wasem Pinot Noir Rosé

    Wasem Pinot Noir Rosé

  • Wasem Riesling

    Wasem Riesling

  • Cooleo No.10 Rosé

    Cooleo No.10 Rosé

  • Cooleo No.10 White

    Cooleo No.10 White

World’s First Double Layered Wine Bottle

Innovative design and engineering Made in Germany launched in 2017

Perfect Drinking Temperature for Wine

Best way to enjoy your favourite wine at optimum temperature for longer

Ideal for Everyday and Special Occasions

Modern and timeless shape emphasises the beauty of the wine making every dining moment to remember

Superior Durability & Clarity

High quality crystal-clear Borosilicate glass is scratch and temperature resistant

No More Condensation

Double layered design allows cold drinks stay cold without condensation

Sustainabilty & Upcycle

Bottle designed with Vinolok glass closure in mind for reuse and upcycling

What’s in your Cooleo?


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